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How learned helplessness can lead to becoming one of the professionally unwell

Diagnosis of a major illness is a devastating event; of that there can be no doubt.  When I was diagnosed as having Bipolar Disorder 17 years ago my whole world felt false.  I immediately questioned ever success in my life … Continue reading

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The mythconceptions of mental health

People with mental health problems do not have the normal range of emotions It seems, at times, that people with mental health problems are almost disallowed from the normal range of emotions. Whether it is anger, fear, sorrow and happiness, … Continue reading

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Spirituality – learning new ideas to cope with poor mental health

Having a mental health problem impacts strongly upon the whole of your life.  It’s not just about trying to turn poor mental health into good mental health it’s about developing a more positive attitude to all aspects of your health. … Continue reading

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Self-harm is neither adolescent nor attention seeking

The first time I self-harmed was when I was 15 years old. I was taking GCEs and CSEs at school. There was a lot of pressure from my parents as I was going to be the first person in their … Continue reading

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A tale of addiction & why legalizing drugs will not stop drug related crime

I gave up drinking nearly 20 years ago on the same day that I gave up abusing drugs of both the legal and the illegal kind. I stopped them one morning after being told that if I carried on the … Continue reading

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Why the recent Time to Change campaign is flawed

Time to Change is the leading campaigner in the UK in the fight against stigma and discrimination for those with mental health problems.  It is headed by MIND and Rethink and overseen by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.  In spite … Continue reading

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Of all the things that I was told at being diagnosed as having Bipolar Disorder the one that mystified me most was “get yourself a good support network”. I had no idea what a support network was or how to … Continue reading

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